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City Network Towers

Product Code: ELS-130
Product Groups: Power Lines Steels

Galvanized Welded and Galvanized Bolted City Network Poles: On the only low-voltage LV poles and Low Voltage and Medium Voltage together on the CUSTOMER poles are divided into two groups. In addition, between each group A type and cage is divided into two separate groups directly. The length of these poles varies according to the areas of ice load. There are also short types and normal types according to the distance between the poles in the distribution line.

In GAP Energy facilities, all types of Galvanized Welded and Galvanized Bolted City Grid Poles are manufactured in accordance with TEDAŞ specifications.

The poles are galvanized and packaged in accordance with the international standards and the customer's specifications and are delivered to the customer's location and shape in accordance with the requirements of Incoterms 2000.