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Power Transmission Line Poles

Product Code: ELS-110
Product Groups: Power Lines Steels

By definition, the meaning of the electric transmission line; electric power plants in a controlled and planned power plants, transmission lines from the power lines to the transmission lines.

In the GAP Energy plants, it is possible to manufacture the Energy Transmission Line Pole at every voltage from 132 kV to 400 kV and the TEİAŞ type tests have been carried out.

With its own experienced project group, GAP Energy realizes all types of direct design, static calculations and manufacturing projects. It also carries out load tests on demand at internationally accepted test stations. However, the customer's direct design can be used upon request.

If a new design is applied, the prototypes of the poles are assembled with the help of our production planning, project implementation and operation management teams. If there is any, manufacturing errors are corrected and processed on the production cards. Customer and / or end-user representatives are also allowed to participate in the prototype control process if requested by the customer. All details are checked and, if there are any revisions to the projects, serial production is started.

The poles are galvanized and packaged in accordance with the international standards and the customer's specifications and are delivered to the customer's location and shape in accordance with the requirements of Incoterms 2000.